Want to Turn Your Closet Into Cash?

Consigning with Posh Possessions, Luxury Consignment Boutique can help you do that!  It’s easy and fun!


What We Accept

We accept women’s in-style & in-season, 100% authentic, high-end luxury & contemporary designer brand clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, watches, sunglasses & accessories. Accessories include but are not limited to hats, scarves, gloves, belts, headbands, fashion jewelry, keychains, umbrellas, wallets & change purses.

 The BRAND name is the first thing we consider when accepting items. Our customers look for designer labels, so we do too. The more luxurious & popular the brand, the more likely we are to accept it!

We accept new & gently used items that are in excellent, “like new” condition with no stains, holes, torn hems, broken zippers, missing buttons, odors, etc.  Items should be freshly laundered & pressed or dry cleaned.


Bringing Your Items In

Feel free to bring your items in anytime during boutique hours!


Please bring your items in neatly folded or on non-returnable hangers. Whichever way is easiest for you! If you would like some hangers to bring in your items, just come on in and ask us for some and we will be happy to provide you with them!

Just remember when bringing your items in to consign with us that the better an item looks, the more we can sell it for!  That means more profit for you!  Presentation makes a difference!

You can stop by as often as you like and bring in as many items you want at a time! We do not limit or restrict the number of items that you can bring in at a time!

Whether you have 1 item or 100 items, feel free to bring them in at any time for consideration of consignment.

Please understand that when bringing your items in for the first time, it is possible we may be checking other consignors in, so if you don’t want to chance it, then just call ahead and schedule an appointment so that we can assist you with your items immediately. After the first time, you will never have to wait or schedule an appointment ahead because you will be ready & set up to consign your items with us whenever you want with our DROP & RUN program.

The first visit usually takes about 15 minutes. During that time, we will enter you into our consignment program on the computer, establish you as a consignor & create an account for you so that you can track your inventory & watch your money accumulate as it sells! We will then go through your items & price them while you read over our consignment agreement & browse around the boutique.

Remember, after the first visit, you will never have to wait again with our DROP & RUN program.

Acceptance of items is based on current trends, styles and seasons. Supply and demand. Please understand that there may be items that we will give back to you & cannot sell. You may donate these items to our local charity or get them back. Your choice!

Pricing Consigned Items

We base prices on supply & demand, age, condition, and seasonality.
Posh Possessions, Luxury Consignment Boutique will get the best possible prices for you. Our common goal is to get the most money for both of us & we will do our best to achieve that goal.
We have a computerized pricing system specifically designed to competitively price each item for maximum profitability. Generally, as a rule of thumb, we price most items about 1/3 to 1/4 of the retail price of that item. We take into consideration supply and demand, age, condition, and seasonality.
For the 1st 30 days, your item is marked at the store set price. After 30 days, your item will be marked down by 20% & another 20% at 60 days. We also commonly do coupons, promotions, tag sales and so forth to encourage your items to sell. These discounts are split with the consignor.

Getting Paid for Your Sold Items!

If your items sell, you will get a percentage of what they sell for. The percentage depends on the selling price. You will get:

40% of the selling price for items that sell for $99.99 and under

50% of the selling price for items that sell for $100.00-$999.99

60% of the selling price for items that sell for $1000.00 and above

WE DONT MAKE YOU WAIT FOR YOUR $$$$$MONEY$$$$$, EVER!  If we are open and you have money in your account, then you may pick it up at any time. Just come on in & we will pay you cash for items that sold for under $25.00. For items over $25.00, we will write you a check for that amount, on the spot! Your money is there for you when you want it! We also mail checks for any amount in an account over $50.00 on the 21st of every month, just in case you haven’t been in.

Drop & Run

Too Busy to Wait?

We know how busy you are, and we know you want to drop off your consignments whenever you are in our area.  So, we have a wonderful system called, DROP & RUN, for established consignors.

What is DROP & RUN?

Feel Free to drop off your items anytime during normal business hours and be on your way!  No appointment is necessary!  Just come on in with your items that are ready and waiting to be consigned!  We will write your receipt that day and have it ready for you to pick up when we open the next day.  You will not have to wait while we check your items in.  Plus, we will be able to price your consignments more accurately to get you the best return possible!

How to Use DROP & RUN?

Using Drop & Run is Easy.  Just label your batch with your name and consignment account # and we will do the rest.  If there are items that we are unable to sell for you, we can donate them directly to charity.  But if you want any “no-thank-yous” back, we will be happy to hold them for a day or so.  We do not have a lot of storage space, though, so be sure to return for such items promptly.  Call ahead, if you like, to see if there is anything to be returned to you.  If you do not want “no-thank-yous” returned, or there aren’t any to be picked up, your receipt can be picked up whenever you like. 

Thank You! 

Drop & Run lets us get your items on the selling floor within hours to make you money faster.  It means you can drop off consignments whenever you want to, without prior planning.  We look forward to seeing you the next time the urge to clean your closet strikes!



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