We know how busy you are, and we know you want to drop off your consignments whenever you are in our area.  So, we have a wonderful system for established consignors called:


DROP & RUN gives you the freedom to drop off your items anytime during normal business hours and be on your way!  No appointment is necessary!  Just come on in with your items that are ready and waiting to be consigned!  We will write your receipt that day and have it ready for you to pick up when we open the next day.  You will not have to wait while we check your items in.  Plus, we will be able to price your consignments more accurately to get you the best return possible!


Using Drop & Run is Easy.  Just label your batch with your name and consignment account # and we will do the rest.  If there are items that we are unable to sell for you, we can donate them directly to charity.  But if you want any “no-thank-you’s back”, we will be happy to hold them for a day or so.  We do not have a lot of storage space, though, so be sure to return for such items promptly.  Call ahead, if you like, to see if there is anything to be returned to you.  If you do not want no-thank-you’s returned, or there aren’t any to be picked up, your receipt can be picked up whenever you like.


Drop & Run lets us get your items on the selling floor within hours to make you money faster.  It means you can drop off consignments whenever you want to, without prior planning.  We look forward to seeing you the next time the urge to clean your closet strikes!

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